Launching NAncy Podcast 

Working with the inspiring team at WNYC I helped with the voice of marketing assets, visual asset creation, target strategy, launch timeline, and a live event around the podcast launch . 


Launch Party and Social Strategy 

Using content we collected at the launch party gave a public face to hosts before the show ever launched. We also saved on asset creation by reusing visual content from the photo booth at the launch party in marketing. The photo booth was also a word-of-mouth strategy as many influencers on the guest list posted their branded gifs. 


Social Animations and Targeting 

Working with a local illustrator, I art directed a brightly colored and eye-catching animation series for the Nancy launch. The animations were short and to the point, they used audio from the podcast and centered around memorable fictional characters. They performed well as ads because they are not overtly promotional, but do pique interest and curiousty.