Mandy K Naglich

A writer, an eater, a brewer, and a do-er.

It’s me! The girl that brings cookies to your party proclaiming, “They’re from scratch.” The same one quietly sniffing her pint before every sip.

Mostly, I’m a writer and social media consultant working in the food and beverage space. Occasionally, I’m a food stylist or putting my Advanced Cicerone® certification to use as a beer educator. Always, I’m willing to try something new.  

When I'm not on deadline or constructing a new social media launch you can find me obsessing over homebrewing, wandering NYC finding an undiscovered restaurant, feeding my podcast addiction, or trying out new recipes and brews.  I love having my trusty Cavalier King Charles mix, Chewy, by my side. 


I'm based New York City. If you're in town and looking to connect, grab a coffee (or a beer) or talk about a project contact me at